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Method of Use: When plastic material is been coming out from Extrusion Equipment, the plastic material is put into the transfer machine directly. To apply high heat and pressure onto roller, then the plastic material is driven by traction of thermal machine and fast move of PVC, PP, PS, ABS. Then the pattern of hot stamping foil, including wood grain, marble, and others will be transferred on the surface of plastic material.





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PVC door, PS lines, ABS panel,PS sidings, PVC furniture board, PVC floor, PS window, PVC deco board, PS skirting.
1,Used for domestic wooden floor ,acoustics,ambry,bathroom decoration,etc.
Character: stable and durable,natural and clear lines,Waterproof and moistureproof, high wear-resistant
2,Used for decoration in middle or high-grade hotel,Character:wood texture, great three-dimensional sense, perfect solid wooden-appearance
3,For the home application, wooden table, wooden door, etc.


Description Parameters Unit
Transfer Temperature 160—180
Pressure 4—5 bar
Transfer Speed 6—10 M/min
Total Thickness 25—32 Mic
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