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Z908 Eco Wax Ribbon offers our most economical thermal transfer printing solution while providing consistent performance on a wide variety of materials.


Designed for barcode label and tag printing in the mainstream"sweet-spot"of 4-8 inches per second,the Z908 provids high optical density,moderate image durability,and allows printing at low print head energy heat settings on all popular thermal transfer printers.


Z908 is a highly versatile ribbon which provides reliable printing performance on coated and uncoated labels and tags,and vellum materials found in today’s global world of thermal transfer materials. Ideal for competitively priced applications such as shipping,productidentification,distribution,logistics and retail.


Our proprietary anti-static back coating formulation dissipates static electricity and works to protect and extend the life of your valuable printheads.


Zhuoli Group. Zhuoli Group.


Technical parameters:

Test Item Unit Test Equipment Standard
Total thickness U m Thickness Tester 7.1±0.3
Ink thickness U m Thickness Tester 2.8±0.2
Electrostatic K v Static Tester ≤0.06
Optical density D Transmission Type Density Spectrometer ≥1.82
Recommended Substrates:
Art paper,coated and uncoated paper, tag stocks and vellums.
Proven Consistency & Certificates:


Zhuoli Group.Zhuoli Group.Zhuoli Group.Zhuoli Group.Zhuoli Group.Zhuoli Group.

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