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Coding Foil  is used to printing the production data information such as production/expirationdate,batch ,lot etc.


Hot stamping code foil is to print batch number and expiry date in packaging bags of Food, beverage,dairy,medical industries.


Provides superior printing result on kinds of plastic film, paper etc packing materials.


Widely applicable to food/drink industry.pharmaceutical industry ,daily decorate etc.



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Zhuoli Group.



Model Printing Material Printing Temperature Product Feature Product Advantage Specification
LC1* PP,PE,PET, Aluminum,milk Package and synthetic films 120-150 Wide application,High printing blackness,Excellent adhesion General Purpose Jumbo Size: Width:530mm-960mm Length: 3000m-6000m   Slit Roll Size: Width:9mm-60mm Length: 100m-600m
SCF900 110-150 General Purpose, low-temperature printing
SCF905 120-150 Refrigeration and freeze resistant,and suitable for dairy Products industry,frozen foods industry,etc.
SCF907 120-180 Applicable for Pharmaceutical industry with high speed labeling to the speed of 300-600 labels per min.
SCF908 130-180 Boiling and Sterilization Resistant,and suitable for foods industry with high temperature sterilization,such as jelly,ham industry.




Zhuoli Group.Zhuoli Group.

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